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Weekly News Round Up #3

8 February 2016

· Golf,Data,Sports,Legal Tech
1. Golf as it should be
This video should really tell its own story, but the Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale is a lesson in how much fun a golf tournament can be.  I wrote last year abut the refreshing approach taken by the Made in Denmark event on the European Tour, but Phoenix has always lead the way in bringing a fresh, fun, irreverent approach to golf tournaments.
The crowd numbers are staggering.  Official numbers suggest almost 620,000 over the week, and even if these are generous, they still outstrip any other golf event on the planet, as well as the vast majority of other sporting events.  There were 201,103 fans on site on Saturday - making it the highest attendance at a one-day sporting event in US history, behind only the Indy 500.  
Ok, so golf probably isn't quite ready for all-out parties like Phoenix every week, but there is so much other events can learn from it.  I for one would love to see a stadium-style amphitheatre created at Royal Troon's "Postage Stamp" 8th hole during the Open in July.  Its not going to happen (I suspect there probably just isn't the space at an old-school links venue) but if it did I can guarantee the Scottish crowds would give Phoenix's college kids a run for their money!
2. Using data to manage athlete fitness

Barely a week seems to go by without a story about the application of data in sports.  From Moneyball to the 21st Club, I find it all fascinating.  Kitman Labs are not the first, nor the only company to use data to monitor athlete health and use that data to improve performance and results, but their approach has gained traction of late due to their focus on analyzing patterns in individual athletes rather than trends in wider teams or groups.

No discussion on using data to manage fitness (at least in a football context) is complete without reference to the "Milan Lab" the pioneering laboratory created by AC Milan in 2002 and which is credited with being hugely influential on Milan's successful period under Carlo Ancelotti, enabling them to extend the careers of the likes of Maldini, Nesta and Costacurta into their late 30s and even 40s, and give them confidence to sign older players like Jaap Stam and David Beckham.

This article is a great read for more info on the Milan Lab.

3. Online Notaries

Let’s be honest, not many people understand/see the point of notarising documents these days.  The whole process has always seemed like archaic mumbo-jumbo to me (oaths, stamps, sewing documents together in special pink thread.  Really?)

Ok, in very limited situations I will grudgingly concede it still has some usefulness in terms of verifying identity and authenticity but that doesn’t mean it has to be such a pain in the….

Anyway, thanks to the good people at, this pain may well be a thing of the past (well at least in the U.S.).  They offer an entirely remote notarisation service via their app, using a combination of imaging technology and live video calls.  I’ll let them explain further in their own words…

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